Elevate your Product, Grow your Business

Soto is your go-to digital product agency for building The Right Thing.
We get it, easier said than done, but hey, we've been at this for a while
and we're pretty damn good.

Dream It

Some product ideas come to us fully formed. Just kidding, they’re all a big mess. We know how to turn them into something that makes sense.

Plan It

Nothing ruins the fun like a plan based on bad information, bad assumptions and careless optimism. Without a good plan, you waste time and money, and no one likes that.

Design It

Ten years ago, amateur design might have cut it, but not today. Our research-driven approach aims to support your brand and craft experiences that users love.

Make It

This is where it gets really fun - seeing your dream IRL. We build fast. We build agile. We know what to focus on, and what can wait. We work with your team to make sure it lives comfortably in your world.

Support It

Your thing is now your little bundle of joy. And, like a human baby, it’s going to be a handful. We can help you plan for care and feeding, or we’ll get up for the late night bottles and let you sleep in.

People Over Process

We're a versatile team of producers, strategists, product experts, designers, and engineers, equipped with repeatable processes. While we're well-prepared, we understand each project is unique. If you have your own product or engineering teams, we're open to collaboration. Let's find the best approach for your needs.

Soto was able to seamlessly integrate 
new technology into our existing platform, making it easier and more accessible for our patients and providers.
Brian Kuyath, CTO @ Vidscrip